2. Previous Excavations and Studies (Con't)


Philitine tomb at Tell el-Far'ah South 
from Amnon Ben-Tor (ed.), 
The Archaeology of Ancient Israel, pg. 279 

Further remains can be attributed to the Persian period, among them several poor remains of private houses and a public building with a large courtyard. In the Roman period the site served again as a border fortress. As no coins and no pottery later than the 1st century CE were found, it is evident that the site was not settled after that time.

More than 350 tombs from all periods were excavated in the cemeteries around the site. Among the tombs are Philistine burials with anthropoid sarcophagi and a Persian period tomb with reamins of furniture. A rich collection of small finds from the tombs includes a great quantity of pottery, scarabs, weapons, and jewelry; this is regrettable since the published pottery drawings are rather poor.

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