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The Claremont Colleges in conjunction with Ben Gurion will begin excavation of the site of Tell el-Far'ah (South). Tell el-Far'ah (South) is some 14 miles (22 km) south of Gaza and 16 miles (26 km) west of Beer-Sheba. Past excavations by W.M.F. Petrie in 1928 & 1929 reveal remains that date from the Middle Bronze Age through the Roman Period. Our team has been excavating in three different fields including: clearing and extending the trench to expose the Middle Bronze glacis, excavating a trench alongside Petrie's main field, and beginning excavation of a new area in the center of the mound.

The Program: [top]

The excavation will be conducted in July and August, (dates TBA). Volunteers will reside at Kibbutz G'vulot throughout the excavation. A course in the "History and Archaeology of Israel," including lectures and in-field instruction will be offered, for credit, through the Claremont Graduate University. This course will consist of 2 lectures each week, 2 pottery colloquiums per week and a weekly Tell Tour. Subjects covered will include an Introduction to Archaeology (including theory and methodology),  an introduction to the history, Biblical history and archaeology of the region, a history of  period specific peoples (Philistines, Hyksos, Assyrians, Romans, etc.) and a summation lecture at the close of the excavation season

Cost: [top]

The cost of the will be announced, but it should be around $1,500 which includes room and board during the week and weekends. This fee does NOT include airfare. To receive credit through the Claremont Graduate University, the cost of the program (again, TBA) has in the past been around $3,400, which includes room and board, and tuition. Weekend  tours of parts of the country with guides, organized through the excavation, will be available at a minimal cost. Travel grants are available through Claremont Graduate University.

Contact Information: [top]

To Apply send your name, address, email address (if available)and phone number to:

        Tammi J. Schneider
        831 N. Dartmouth Ave.
        Claremont, CA  91711
        (909) 607-3217

Or print out and complete the application form and mail to the address listed above.
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