The list below of K-12 lesson plan sites is only a small portion of what is out there on the World Wide Web that fellow colleagues and educators have developed. If you know of additional archaeology lesson plan sites that you would like to share with us, please send an e-mail to and we will be happy to add the links to our list.
Archaeology Lesson Plans
This lesson plan helps students answer the following questions: How do archeologists know where to dig? How do archeologists learn about people of the past? How can they turn bits and pieces of evidence into a big picture of the past?
Shoebox Archaeology:
Layers of the Earth
The purpose of the lesson is to introduce geology in its simplest form and how a rock is formed. It can also be used the sciences listed above with a few minor changes. Grade level(s): 2-6.
The Explorer:
Inference/Observation Curriculum
Objective: For students to clearly understand the difference between observations and inference; and relate this understanding to archaeology. Grade level(s): 5-7 
Society for American Archaeology 
Society for American Archaeology has worked diligently to promote archaeology education at the precollegiate level. Good overall site with ideas for teaching archaeology, including lesson plans and  key terms.

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