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Yael Abadi

Yael Abadi, 24.  Archeology major, Hebrew Literature minor. Archeology instructor in the Antiquities Authority of Israel (Negev Region), and Chief secretary for the Neural networks laboratory in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in BGU.  Prior field experience includes: Ein Zehora, Halutza, Cumeran Cave 24, Dishon River, Archeological Survey in Southern Dead Sea, Archeological Survey, Sketch, and measurement of Worship area in Ramat Saharonim in the Ramon crater. Currently researching :
 1.  Analysis of Lithic assemblage from LB and Iron Age, obtained in Ein Tzipori.
 2.  Diet economy and Settlement patterns in the Harifai culture.
Fluctuation in Shore cities and inner Shephelah area cities during Middle Bronze era. 
Currently completing BA  and  soon to starting MA in Anthropoarcheology at BGU.