Our Ben Gurion
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As the season comes to a close, many of our remaining excavators come from 
Ben Gurion University in 
Be'er Sheva (approx. 
40 miles away).

Ben Gurion students completing either an undergraduate or a MA degree in archaeology are required to complete at least 4 weeks of excavation time (this can be completed at one time, or spread over multiple summers) as part of their educational experience.

This page corresponds to an article written about the students from Israel - featured in Edition 4 of the Tell el-Farah Newsletter.

Yael Abadi

Smadar Appelboim

Ilnait Azuolay

Ayala Bar

Inna Buch

Tslil Censor

Davida Eizenberg

David Felsher

Yochai Gur Hershberg

Avshalom Kresik

Janet Levy

Michal Mizrachi

Amir Uda

Sivan Pick

Neomi Sarig

Elaz Tal

Yoel Tiano

Koby Vardi

Amir Weizman


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