[other cool finds]

The pottery sherd holds the remarkable resemblance to a face made out of clay.
Found in Area 2 on the last day of excavation - August 4, 1999.

This possible ostracon was found in Area 1.  Written on this piece of pottery appears to be the Greek letter RHO.
Further analysis is required to determine its authenticity and date of origin.

These glass pieces found in Area 3 are possibly from the Hellenistic or Roman period.
The upper two pieces construct the partial rim of a vessel.

This partial glass bracelet is blue in color with a detailed edge design.
Further analysis is required to determine the date of origin.

This iron arrowhead was found in Area 1.
This arrowhead was found in one of the Iron Age walls located in Area 1.
Further analysis is required to determine its exact date of origin.

This flint blade was found in Area 2.
Flint tools are common to many different time periods requiring further
analysis to determine this specimen's exact date of origin.

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