Area 3 Excavation Team

Day 3 Photo Tour
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Today's photo tour gives an in-depth look at Area 3. 
Area 3 is close to one of Petries' early 1920s excavation areas. The goal of this area is to tie Petries' excavation into modern archaeological methodology, thereby providing a more specific understanding of the stratigraphy and chronology. 

A Look at the Area's Stratigraphy 

Project Director Gunnar Lehmann Discussing the Stratigraphy with Area Director Dan Warner and Students

More Discussion of the Stratigraphy 

Dan Warner Giving a Lesson in Stratigraphy to the Students

One More Look 

Early Morning Sweeping

More Clean-up

More Clean-up

More Clean-up

More Clean-up

Making  Sandbags

Drawing Top Plans and Creating Pottery Tags

Administrative Duties: Discussing the Daily Forms

Taking the Daily Measurements

Volunteer Ron Strait (Age 70) Pulling His Own Weight

Area Danger - Scorpions

One of Today's Find - Beads

Another Find - A Small Bead

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