Area 1 Excavation Team

Day 5 Photo Tour
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Today's photo tour gives an in-depth look at Area 1. 
Area 1 was chosen as an excavation site because 1/2 of the trench area is part of Petrie's original excavation site, while the other 1/2 of the trench is located in an unexcavated area.  By verifying Petrie's data, by re-excavating  1/2 of the trench, and continuing to excavate new ground, this team hopes to draw their own conclusions while making Petrie's data relevant to modern archaeology.

Area 1 is also our "technology" field.  The traditional notebook and graph paper have been replaced with a PalmTop computer and a digital tablet.  By developing and testing new tools, we hope to improve archaeological data collection and recording. 

A Look at Area 1

Area 1 is Located in a Trench 
(top down view)

Area 1 - From the Bottom Up

A Key Component of Area 1 is this Mud Brick Wall. It is believed to be From the Iron Age, and Served as Part of the Main Fortification of the City


Director Tammi Schneider Joins in a Discussion 
about the Wall

Field Director William Krieger Gets Down and Dirty!

A Volunteer from Area 1 Working on the Fortification Wall

The Volunteers of Area 1

A Volunteer from Area 1

Sifting Sand from One of the Squares in Area 1

Volunteer of Area 1

Working on Cleaning Up Around the Wall 

A Volunteer from the First Square in Area 1

A Volunteer from the First Square in Area 1

A Smiling Volunteer in Area 1

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