Woman of the Tell

Day 7 Photo Tour
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Today's photo tour features the women of the Tell.
This season approximately 1/2 of our volunteers are women.
These women come from the USA as well as Israel.

At this excavation, the women work as hard as the men. There is no delineation of duties based on gender.

Assistant Field Director Kimberly A. Maeyama shows off her Tell tan (in a comparison to one of our  volunteers - Jim)

Laura Harvey from Claremont School of Theology

Joy Alarcon from
Whittier College

Dana Miller uncovers a large piece of pottery


Pia Babendure and Kirsten Liu from Trinity College

Moira Kelley from Trinity College

Maria Sanchez- a recent graduate of Trinity College

Bevan Talbott from Trinity College

Inna Buch from Ben Gurion University

Dana Newlove from the Claremont Graduate University and Beth Khalil from Trinity College

Laura Hauge from Claremont

Assistant Field Director 
Eti Marelly showing off a piece of pottery

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