Day One Photo Tour
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Arriving at the Site 

(5:00 am)

Arriving at the Site 
(5:00 am)

Early Morning Site Tour

More of the Site Tour

Students at the Morning Site Tour

Working with the 
Theodolite (taking x, y, and z (elevation) measurements)

More Working with the 

Pre-shading Decisions

Stitching the Shade

Pounding a Stake 
for the Shade

Laying Out the Shade (Area 1)

Break for Breakfast in the Field

More Breakfast

Laying Out the Shade (Area3)

Laying Out the Shade (Area 2)

Raising the Shade

Clearing the Area

Putting in Final Area Markers

Clearning/Cleaning the Area

Continuing to Clear/Clean the Area

Beginning to Dig

Beginning to Dig

Example of the 
Pottery Shards 
Found in the Area

One of Our Many Volunteers

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