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What to Bring [top]

A photocopy of your passport (kept separate from the real passport)
School I.D. card
Letters from school proving you are on the dig
Plane ticket
Sturdy closed toed shoes
Sturdy dig clothes
Light-colored head wear (preferably with full brim) 
Visa and American Express Cards
Shampoo and soap
Modest dress (long-sleeved shirt, slacks for men/long skirts for women)
Extra socks and underwear
More than enough of any prescription medicines you need
Personal supplies and toiletries
Pen knife or Swiss Army knife
Address of people you have promised postcards 

Beach towel
Shower shoes
Laundry Detergent (powder, best stored in zip-lock bag)
Flexible, sturdy work gloves (2 pair)
Travelers checks (keep receipts in separate place
Antibiotic cream
Anti diarrhea medicine
Any other medications you think you might need
Alarm clock
Pointed masonry trowel, no more than 5 inches long
Individually packaged towelettes
Individually packaged alcohol swabs
Paperback novels
Insect repellent
Band aids
Disposable cameras (due to dusty environment, you may not want to bring an expensive camera)

Don't Bring:
Valuable jewelry or watch
Irreplaceable items of sentimental value
Formal dress
Gardening trowel
Illegal drugs

You may bring music, but you will NOT be permitted to wear headphones while working or on field trips.

A Typical Day [top]
4:30 am Wake up
5:00 am Leave for site
5:15 am Arrive on-site
Breakfast will be served on location
12:00-12:30 pm Leave to go back to kibbutz
12:30-1:30 pm Lunch in dining hall
1:30-5:00 pm Free time
5:00 - 9:00 pm (approx.) Dinner
M-W Lectures
T-TH Pottery washing/reading
We will be staying at the Kibbutz G'vulot. This kibbutz has a fenced yard and a security gate. The rooms are similar to dorm rooms, with bunk beds. Each room will sleep approximately 6-8 people. The site is air-conditioned with a pool and common area.

Optional Sightseeing [top]
There will be  optional sightseeing tours to regions such as: Jerusalem and the surrounding area, Northern Israel, and Southern Israel. The dates, costa and travel agendas for these trips will be announced soon.

If you are planning on traveling to Egypt, before or after the tour, you must arrange for a Visa now. Contact your nearest Consulate office or check this web site for details http://www.m-link.com/almusaafer/EGYPT/Visas/visap.html.

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