Electronic Request for Volunteer Information
Below you will find a brief on-line form which will provide basic information to the dig coordinators about you, your past archaeological experience (if any, but not required), and contact information. Please fill out the form and upon its submission, information regarding the excavation at Tell el-Far'ah and the associated application form will be provided to you.

When you have completed this form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Note: You must configure your email preferences within your browser in order to submit this form. If your WWW browser does not allow you to fill out this request form, you may send your answers to these questions via e-mail to: farah@cgu.edu.

All fields are required:

1. Name:

2. E-Mail:
3. Institutions of higher education (include name, dates attended, degree, field of study):
4. Fellowships or scholarships previously or currently held (include source or sponsor and place of study):
5. Occupational experience (include names and addresses of last three employers, plus the type of work and dates):
6. Academic or professional honors, publications etc..:
7. Avocations (hobbies, sports, special interests) and extra-curricular activities (membership in student organizations and academic societies):
8. Please provide a brief explanation of why you wish
to participate at Tell el-Far'ah:
9. Foreign experience (give countries and reasons, e.g. study, travel, armed forces):
10. Archaeological experience:
a. Briefly describe past experiences in archaeological excavations, if any (Give the names of the principal investigators and the dates of participation):


b. Cite academic courses taken in archaeology and the dates:


c. Cite non-academic courses taken in archaeology and the dates:


d. Have you studied either in academic courses or on your own any of the following (check where appropriate):?

Physical Anthropology 
Ancient Technology 
Art History

11. Archaeological skills:

a. Have you ever done any heavy manual labor, e.g., farming, road work, construction etc? Please specify:


b. Do you have any skills or hobbies which require special manual dexterity, e.g. model building, sculpture, painting, ceramics, cabinet making, playing musical instrument? Please specify:


c. Do you have special skills or work experience in any of the following areas (Please check where appropriate):

Have you handled any of the following excavation tools?
Measuring Tape 
Large Pick 
Line Level 
Large Sieve
Sledge Hammer 
Spirit Level 
Plumb Bob 
Hand Pick 

What basic tools have you used?



Have you ever repaired handles on tools? Yes No 
Have you ever worked with cement? Yes No 
Have you ever worked with electrical tools or equipment? Yes No


Free hand drawing 
Mechanical drawing 
Drawing to scale 
Laser Theodolites


Have you used a transit? Studied Geometry? Worked on a surveying team?

Conservation of Antiquities:

Have worked at cleaning coins or metals? 
Preserving bones or ivory? 
Restoring broken pottery?
Other: Yes No


Have taken pictures professionally? 
Years of experience: 

Computer Skills:
Please list the hardware and software that you are familiar with:

Language Skills:
Do you speak:

Hebrew? Arabic? Other?

Other Skills/Abilities:
Do you have any other skills or abilities that you think might be useful in archaeological
work that have not been mentioned? Please specify.


Thank you for using this online request form.
We will contact you within a few days.

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